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Visualizing your perfect body

In today’s fitness industry, too much emphasize is given on exercising and dieting, forgetting one of the most important factors which helps in the achievement of every goal: visualizing. Some of the best athletes have always included visualizing as part of their training, but still many people today are skeptical about it’s benefits. Personally, I owe the way my body looks today mostly to my visualizations, and they continue to help me, as I struggle from time to time with keeping myself motivated.

If getting fit is one of your biggest desires, and if you believe that you can achieve this goal, then visualization can surely work for you. It will help you stay focused on what you want to achieve, and increase the faith you have in yourself to achieve your goal. Have you ever been to the gym, feeling no motivation, and wondering why in the world are you putting your body in pain, when you could instead be out with your friends drinking at that moment. The answer to that is simple: you forgot the reason why you want to get fit, or said differently: you forgot your “why,” which was the reason you started working out in the first place. You must continuously remind yourself of your "why" to stay motivated.

It is very easy to get distracted from your goals, especially in today’s fast-moving world. You can help yourself by writing down your goals, or by putting pictures of your ideal body in your wall and everywhere you can see them. These things, apart from keeping you focused, will help you when adding details to your visualizations.

Visualizing can be done in different ways, while lying on the bed, sitting on the couch, or jogging outside. The most important thing is that you aren’t distracted. You should try to give visualizations your full attention.

Now the question is: what to visualize? Well . . . only you know the answer to that. If you want to participate in fitness competitions, you might want to visualize yourself as winning the first place in one of them. Hear your name getting called, and watch the people in the stands applauding for you. See yourself smiling while you walk towards the person that will give you your trophy. If you don’t know how it feels like, you can watch some videos about people winning first place in fitness competitions. That will help you have a more-clear image on your mind. Then, you only need to put yourself in their position . . .

If your goal is to attain your ideal body, see yourself in a situation where you already have achieved it, and now you are reaping the benefits of it. You might want to see yourself walking at the beach while everyone is looking at you, posting a shirtless photo on social media, or hearing someone congratulating you about your achievement.

You might even want to visualize yourself as a Hollywood star, or having millions of followers on Instagram. However, you must somehow believe what you are visualizing. And it’s easy to find out if you don’t believe that you will achieve what you are visualizing—If you don’t believe it, you will feel pessimistic about your thoughts. The main reason why you should want to visualize, is to feel good while doing it. After all . . . isn’t “feeling good,” the reason we want to achieve our goals in life anyway?

Watch the video below for more information

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