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The Body Does What The Mind Says

When I started my fitness journey years ago, I didn’t have much knowledge about the subject. I would constantly hear people at the gym talking about what to do and what not to do, but they often said very different things from each other. I was living in Albania at that time, and although these gym bros were passionate, not many of them could speak English, which would be one of the main sources from where our information came from. I did speak English, but unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of the information that was available online. This information, although not totally reliable, was better than the information I got from my gym bros.

So at the beginning, I totally did what I thought it was right, based also on what I heard around. And it worked! It actually worked perfectly, and I got ripped in three months only.

After that—when I started reading information from online sources which was from people who knew more about fitness, I realized that I had been doing it all wrong. Many of the things I had done, was what they considered mistakes, or “the things you shouldn’t do.”

But although I had done many things wrong, I still had managed to achieve my goal. How could it happen? I found out the answer to that really soon, after I started studying a different subject: the power of thought. Everything I tried had only worked because, I had believed it would work. It was the placebo effect at it’s best.

Am I saying that you shouldn’t take information regarding what exercises to do or what to eat to get fit? Absolutely not. What I’m saying is that you should start giving more attention to your thoughts, because they play an important part on everything that you want to achieve in life.

You will find people who hire personal trainers, and still can’t get fit, while others do everything wrong and achieve their goal. That’s because the latter focus on their desire, and they believe what they are doing will work for them. The people who hired the personal trainer, probably weren’t very optimistic about their choice. Actually, it was a desperate choice coming from them, since nothing else worked, and truth is they can’t even afford a personal trainer. So negative thoughts add up, attracting even more unpleasant circumstances.

In order to get fit, it’s not enough just to go to the gym and do the exercises you are told to do. You must constantly think about the correlation between what you are doing and the benefits of it. For example: we might all agree that deadlift is a pretty intense exercise. Not everyone likes doing it, and many people actually don’t deadlift at all, at least not heavy enough. But what makes a person want to deadlift, are the many benefits that come from doing it. If you stop just a minute to think of that, you will be more willing to do the deadlift exercise. If you think of how deadlifting increases your metabolism which makes your body build muscle and burn fat quicker, you might give it another thought.

But never do it unless it makes you feel good, cause that will lead to you not wanting to go to the gym anymore. I would recommend you make going to the gym more fun. The only way a hard exercise can be fun is if you are thinking about it’s benefits, but if you can only manage to think only about the hard part of it, it’s not much fun. So, don’t do it! Do something easier which gives you pleasure. There’s only one thing you should always keep in your mind: whatever you do, you must believe that it’s working for you in some way (even if you are playing golf).

Learn more about the power of thought by watching the video below

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