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Surround Yourself With Winners

The people you surround yourself with, will have a major impact on how far you’ll reach in life. It’s better to be alone than in bad company. If you hang out with negative people, you’ll start thinking like them, and we already know how much impact thinking has on your life. Your friends, should be just like you want your future self to be.

If your goal is to lose weight and you are surrounded by negative people, they will just mention reasons why your goal is hard to be achieved. These people will tell you to lower your expectations... or to be more realistic. They’ll talk about how hard it is to lose weight if you don’t take supplements, how much dedication it requires, and how one of their relatives tried and failed several times. When you go home after hanging out with them, they will have sucked all your energy. You’ll feel like life is hard, and it’s better to play it safe, not because that’s the way it is, but cause those negative people put limits to your mind.

On the other side, if you surround yourself with dreamers, with people who have achieved much more than you have, they will lift you up and make you believe in yourself. You’ll feel so optimistic that not only you’ll feel like you can surely achieve the goal that you have set for yourself now, but you’ll feel like you can achieve anything you ever wanted.

If you talk to a person who has been obese for the most of their life, and tell them that you intend to get fit, they might not be very optimistic about your mission. They’ll remember how they continuously tried themselves, and it was so hard. So they will tell you it’s difficult, without realizing that they are only making a statement about themselves.

While if you talk to a person who was obese in the past but now lives a healthy life, they’ll tell you that you definitely can succeed in your mission to get fit. Why? Because they have achieved the same exact thing themselves. They know it’s possible. They might say it’s going to be difficult, but never impossible.

Sometimes pessimistic people will verbally say that they agree that you can achieve your goal, but their nonverbal language will tell you that they don’t really believe it. This will create even more doubt in you, since it will be easy to realize their mismatch. They might be thinking that you are a fool, but that’s only cause they assume that you are not more powerful than them.

Surrounding yourself will great people will also give you different perspectives about life. They will give you new ideas on which you can work on, and ideas beat hard work anytime. These people will present you with opportunities. Did you know that losing weight can make you money for example? Different websites can pay you, if you decide to share your journey with the world and motivate others.

You naturally want to be hanging with positive people. That’s why when you read books, or watch a movie talking about the power of positive thinking, you feel inspired and happy. You wouldn’t read a book telling you that no matter how hard you try—you will never succeed. Then why choose to be around negative people? Because you love them, and you don’t want to hurt them right . . . Let me tell you something—the only way you can help them is by showing them that positive thinking can really lead to success. Only then they will start to want to be focusing more on positives, and that’s only cause you gave them a reason to do so. You made them realize that before they become successful, they first have to change their way of thinking.

On the other side, if they change you—if they make you give up on your dreams—nothing is going to change for them either. You simply gave another example of their self-created “reality.” Make your choice...

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