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Using Positive Thinking To Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Being positive about getting fit is an important part of achieving your fitness goals. You have to make sure that your thoughts are predominantly positive in order to be successful. One way to do that is by writing or thinking statements that make you feel good regarding the subject.

Here’s an exercise for you: draw a column and on top of it write your goal. For example, your goal might be to lose 14 pounds in the next twelve weeks. On top of the column write: I will lose 14 pounds in twelve weeks. Then on the lines below, write statements that make you feel positive about reaching this goal. Some examples of the sentences that you might write are,

1-I am a very determined person.

2-I remember that one time when I lost 8 pounds in only four weeks.

3-This goal is going to motivate me so much to work harder.

4-My confidence will grow so much after I lose those 14 pounds.

5-I’ll look so much better after losing some weight.

6-It will be so much fun to shop for new clothes after I lose 14 pounds.

If a sentence feels good to you, just write it on the column. Writing these statements will improve their effect even more—since you’ll be more focused—but you can always simply think them, or speak them out loud in front of a mirror or anywhere else. There will be more power if you say this affirmations in front of a mirror, while looking at yourself in the eye. It will feel like the powerful words are not only coming from you, but also from the gorgeous person who is inside that mirror (quick tip—you can feel even more gorgeous if you buy a mirror that makes you look leaner).

You might have seen videos of famous athletes saying that they are the best, that they are number one, and much more things that you can’t even imagine. That is done to deliberately fill their minds with positive thoughts, and boost their self-confidence. They have said those things so often to themselves, that they have started to believe them. You can do the same, and you’ll see it for yourself that after a while, you’ll start to believe in every single statement that you have continuously said to yourself.

You can’t have both a positive and a negative thought in your mind at the same time. So in order to be positive about reaching your objective, it’s important to think thoughts that make you feel good. If you do that—soon you will find yourself imagining pleasant images in your mind, and soon those thoughts will be manifesting in your real life.

Caution! It works the same if you're thinking about cake...

Below is a video about how you can use Law of Attraction to change your physical appearance

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