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Motivating Yourself To Lose Weight

Feeling inspired to lose weight is the best thing that can happen to you, but we have to admit that sometimes inspiration doesn’t come that easy. In this case, you can always motivate yourself.

In many cases people lose weight after being told by the doctor that if they don’t change their lifestyle soon, they’re going to have serious health problems. That wake-up call pushes them towards the change. However—you don’t have to wait until your doctor tells you that. You can start creating these situations from where you are right now. The principle is simple: you have to make yourself feel like not losing weight will be a catastrophe, while at the same time not focusing on it. Instead focus on the health benefits that you’ll get when you become fit—with the main one being not having to go to that doctor who almost always gives you bad news.

One thing that I’ve tried myself and worked, was giving away my current clothes, and starting to buy clothes that were in the size I wanted my body to be. I surely cared about my money, and I knew that I could only go out dressed in my new clothes if I lost weight. If I didn’t, those clothes would have to stay in my wardrobe forever. Again, I stayed focused on the new clothes that I got, and on my desire to have more money in my bank account. It would have been a waste of money if I didn’t get to the size needed to make those clothes fit.

After you reach your desired weight, give away all your old clothes. Now if you regain your weight, you would have to buy new clothes again, which means spending more money. If you care about your money, you’ll be much more motivated not to return to your previous weight. Stay focused on your desire to have more money.

Think about the thing you care the most, and use to your advantage.

Do you really want your kids to see you as their role model?

Get fit.

Do you want to get sick less often?

Get fit.

Do you want your girlfriend to stop thinking about the neighbor when you make love to her?

Make more money . . . and get fit.

Below you can watch a funny video on how you can keep yourself motivated

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