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Positive Thinking Benefits

Try to repeat the phrase, “I’m the best,” quickly in your mind. Can you at the same time think about something negative? You can’t because your mind can’t be focusing on thoughts that are in such contrast with each other. It's either a negative or a positive thought. The more you use positive affirmations, the more good feeling they are going to give you, and there will be less room for negative thinking in your life.

Having faith doesn’t mean having positive thoughts 100% percent of the time, although that would be ideal. The truth is that everyone has negative thoughts sometimes, and the solution is in trying to control your thoughts. Controlling every single thought might seem like an impossible mission to you, but an easier way to do this is by trying to feel good, since if you are feeling good, it means that your thoughts are positive at that moment. The only reason that you might ever feel bad, is if you are focused on negative things at that particular moment.

You can’t be thinking about how bad your body looks, and feel good about it. But still, when that happens don’t feel bad about it—instead think of it this way: now that you know that the way your body looks now makes you feel bad, think of the burning desire it brought to your mind. Now you will be more motivated to work towards the body that you do want, and there will be more desire in your visualizations, since you want it “badly.” You will be feeling great every time that you are thinking of the body of your dreams. Every time you visualize about it, you will be one with the universe, and great ideas will come to your mind to help you achieve your goal. Sometimes you will feel goosebumps while you are thinking about it, and a new way to achieve your goal will show up. It might be a new workout routine, a diet plan, or meeting with someone who motivates you to push hard.

Like I said—our subconscious mind doesn’t realize if we are having an experience in real life, or we are just imagining it. So use it for your benefits. One thing you will certainly agree with me, is that you will feel great every time that you visualize good things coming to you. Isn’t feeling good the reason that you want all your desires to come to your life in the first place?

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