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What if you had the power to create your own reality!

     As I’m writing this, it’s been around 40 days that I published my book, which was something that I procrastinated for a long time. Reality is treating me very well so far: the first 20 reviews of my book are all FIVE stars, and people keep telling me that they love it.         

     I might just seem like just a random guy who likes to show off his body, but trust me, I do all that for a reason. I always dreamed of being able to influence other people’s lives, and I also knew that I couldn’t do that unless I was “famous.” Today I’m able to spread my word to thousands of people, and I’ve achieved things that I always dreamed about. But it all started somewhere: it started with me learning about a force that governed all the universe. Everything that I’m today I owe it to that force.

     After you read my book you will understand what that is . . . You use that force every day in your life, and if you learn how to control it, it will lead to you achieving everything that you ever desired. Your life will be filled with purpose again.

     There is a door in front of you, and so far you were afraid to open it, cause you believed that failure was waiting behind it. You opened the door a couple of times, and failure indeed awaited you there. Your family, your friends, and everyone around you, had warned you about it. Still . . . they failed to teach you one thing: you can change what’s after that door by changing the way you think. Read BEATS now and learn how to change your future. You deserve all the good that this life has to offer. Don’t listen to me, listen to your heart . . .    

Bruno Baba and his book Beats
Beats the book by Bruno Baba

What are the reviews saying?

You must give this book a go. It keeps you hooked from the beginning. It’s a nice story but within it, it teaches you how to perceive negative situations from a new point of view. Giving up for Noah (the main character), was not an option and he learns a lot about himself in the process of chasing his dreams...even if forced and encountering some curve balls. There is plot twists that make it all come together nicely and you learn that some obsticles are there only to push your limits. Highly recommended!!

Beats was a wonderful read. It has a little bit of everything. It has a love story. It has confrontations. For those that enjoy the sport of soccer, it has that. I️ loved the simple approach, but the lessons that Noah learned throughout the story are ones that young people should learn. Everyone wants to be successful, but few are willing to do that. I️ enjoyed watching Noah deal with his demons as he went for his dream (both the girl and his career). Nice job Bruno!

This book is amazing! It's very motivational and even gave me chills throughout reading it. It kept me on edge wanting to keep reading to know what happens next. The advice this book gives, is something that everyone should follow. It opened up my eyes to so much. I want nothing but to thank the author. I would 100% recommend everyone to read this.

Great book! It's worth the purchase and the read. Hard to put down and has very relatable characters that are easy to empathize with and grow attached to.

This book made me forget that I️ had to go to work soon. It always keeps you wondering what’s going to happen next. The lessons that the main character Noah, learned throughout his journey seriously opened my eyes. I️ am definitely reading it again.

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