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Choose To Be Happy!

Consider how two different people start their day. The first one wakes up, and starts complaining that the room is too hot. These thoughts will lead to him complaining about the outside’s weather as well, and even lead to complaints about global warming. “People today are so irresponsible . . . they don’t even care about their own planet,” he says to himself, bringing hate into his heart when it’s not necessary.

He then opens the fridge and complains that there is nothing to eat, although the fridge is full of different foods. But he is picky, and he doesn’t enjoy eating many foods that are supposed to be healthy for him. He thinks that they taste terrible, forgetting that many people in the world would dream to have what’s inside his refrigerator, and some of them don’t even have a refrigerator in the first place.

Then he feels frustrated because it’s going to be a “long day” for him. He has got all this paperwork to do, and he has to go to three different appointments. His days goes really bad, but only because of the thoughts that he started the day with. In the morning he was given two choices: to appreciate, or to complain. Either one brings a chain of events with the same frequency. If you start your morning appreciating, you attract more things to appreciate for the rest of the day. When you complain, you attract more things to be unhappy about.

The second guy wakes up with a smile on his face. He knows that he lives in a great country, filled with opportunities, and this day is another chance for him to follow his dreams. He opens the fridge, and before he even starts to eat, he feels great just by looking at what's inside there. There’s so much from which he can choose. He thinks of how hard it would be to attain all that food if he lived 2,000 years ago, or if he lived in a poor country. He would probably have to hunt for food only to survive. These thoughts make him feel blessed about his life. He appreciates other people, whom with their hard work and sacrifice, have made life so much easier for mankind.

When he later drives his car to work, he thinks that it’s so amazing that people have invented cars. Although it’s very hot outside, his air conditioner keeps the temperature cool inside the car. He even goes so far to think that if he didn’t have a car, he would have to walk for forty minutes to go to work, but the car drive is only seven minutes. By thinking all these positive thoughts, the universe brings him more things that he can be grateful for, and his day goes great.

Be grateful about everything! Be grateful that nowadays, there are thousands of articles, videos and books that teach you how to lose weight. Information is cheaper than ever, and it’s available everywhere.

Be grateful that today, you can see all the nutritional values that a food has, and that makes you know if eating a specific food is good for your goals or not. This thing was not available some time ago. Be grateful that you can so easily get food nowadays, you don’t have to go out in the wild to hunt—although you might think that that could help you in your mission to lose weight.

With increasing technology, losing weight has become easier and easier. Be grateful for that, and one day you will bump into something that works for you.

Your gratitude will take you there. If you focus on negative things, you will keep bumping into things that do not work.

The key here is to focus on the positive things of your life, even though the negatives might be more in numbers. What you focus on, is what you’ll get more of. So make your choice!

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