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Reward Your Success!

What will your reward be when you lose the weight? For a sick person, the reward is health. This reward motivates them every day. What price are you trying to win?

If nobody will give you a price, than you can reward yourself. Start small—eat a donut after running for 5 miles. You earned it. (Important Tip: it’s better if you measure the miles rather than the duration of a run. Two people of the same body type and metabolism running for one hour, might burn a completely different number of calories from each other. This is because they might run at a different intensity and might take different amounts of break)

If something is rewarded, you will be more motivated to achieve it. That’s why everyone wants their kids to go to finish college—for the rewards that come after you get the diploma. In the same way you can motivate yourself. You can go as far as buying a beautiful trophy that symbolizes your achievement. Every time that you see it, you’ll get reminded of how your hard work paid of, and your self-efficacy will increase.

What is different in a high confident and a low confident person? It’s what their brain remembers before they start to act on something—what their brain focuses on. A person with low self-efficacy will be focused on his past failures, and so his belief that he is going to be able to lose the weight will be low. Even if he has had nine successes and only one failure in the past, he will be focused on the one failure. That’s why his confidence is low.

A person will high self-efficacy will be focused on his past successes. He might have had nine failures in the past but only one success. I bet you already know where he puts his focus. Of course, the more successes a person has, the higher are the chances that his self-efficacy will be higher, since he can focus on more positive things. That’s why I emphasize the importance of starting small. Those small successes will help you build that self-efficacy. Once you start to believe in yourself, you’ll be unstoppable!

Depending on the country that you live in, you might and might not get rewards from others. One thing however is sure: you’ll get rewarded from life. Being fit is an asset, and probably one of the most important ones. Don’t be afraid to visualize big rewards coming to your life. If you don’t they’ll never come! There are fitness competition everywhere, for every size. Each one of them is an opportunity, it’s a goal that makes you wake up with a burning desire in the morning.

Being able to transform your body tells a lot about your character, it means discipline, hard-work, self-confident. You will symbolize success, and people will want to be near you. You will radiate positive energy, and your relationships will improve a lot. So remember... the Universe is always going to reward your success!

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