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Being An Inspiration To Others!

The desire to feel important is one of the main reason that makes people want to be successful. You might try to deny that desire, but according to psychologists everyone has it. You might easily recognize it, when a child wants you to watch him, while he tries to do something that he considers to be special. When we grow up we try to deny that we have this desire, because it’s often considered as bragging. However, in different ways, everyone tries to fulfill their desire to feel important. Someone becomes famous, someone rich, someone might even fulfill it by doing charity. Nobody wants to feel like they’re just passing by in life, but instead, they want to feel like they are changing the world for better.

Everyone wants to be better... That’s why sports are so much fun. Imagine how boring it would be if there would be no winners at sports. There would be no purpose. Not only the athletes, but even the fans have the desire, to feel they are better. It’s them, against the other team's fans. Who will dominate?

Once you are fit you’ll see that people will look at you differently. The fact that you were able to take control of your body, and become fit, means so much about your character. It means that you are a disciplined person. They will get inspired by your transformation, and you will realize that there is no better feeling than when someone tells you that you changed their life for better. By changing their life... you are changing the world!

Just think about it: if you only inspire two people to become fit—other people will also get inspired by these two guys that you helped with their body transformation—and they also will inspire others. It all started with you, you are spreading out “health and fitness.”

The visualization part goes far beyond this though, because there are no limits when you visualize. You can visualize yourself in magazine covers, talking on radio stations, and also on TV. You can visualize yourself as having your own gym, or famous on social media with thousands of people telling you that you are an inspiration to them.

If you have ever felt bad when somebody insulted you, that’s exactly what it feels like when your desire to feel important is threatened. They are treating you the opposite of how you want to feel. So use this inborn desire to your advantage. Visualize yourself in situations where you feel important. Use this powerful “why” to attain your goals.

Have you realized how good you feel when you go to a barber shop, and they treat you with a lot of respect. Even if the way they cut your hair is far away from how you wanted it to be, you still go there again. You go there, because they were nice to you, they made you feel important. That’s why everyone who works in the hospitality industry, is told to be nice to the clients all the time. Clients have to feel important, it’s their birth need. If this need isn’t fulfilled they’ll go somewhere else next time.

People always ask themselves, “What can I do so that people treat me with more respect? What can I do so that others make me feel more important? The answer sometimes is to make more money, so that they look more powerful. Or they can try to look better, which is a sign that they respect their body. Some people even try to get huge muscles, in order to “force” other people to respect them, although surely this is not always the reason people want to get big muscles.

Nobody is going to make you feel important if you don’t feel important yourself first. Everyone knows the positive impact that getting fit has on self-esteem. Pride even gets people killed every day in some countries, and that’s exactly what pride is: the wanting of human beings to feel important. It’s not I who made this discovery, psychologists did.

You can say that it’s bad to have this need, and it should come from the inside, which I won’t say it’s wrong. I also don’t believe that we should constantly be seeking to feel important by achieving things in the outside world. I think we should naturally feel important, and that we are enough how we are at any moment. But if you want to put fire on your desires, competition is good, it’s actually much fun. So use the desire that you have to feel important, as one of the main “whys” to get fit, and achieve anything you want.

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