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Turning Failure into Success

I was at the gym today, and I wasn’t really in what you might call “beast-mode.” I was barely going through my sets, and there was no motivation to train hard. So I decided to watch some motivational videos. After watching a particular one, the inspiration came, and I almost cried out of emotions. I immediately wondered: why did watching that video inspired me so much?

The answer came in my mind after I realized that all the motivational videos I had watched so far, had something in common . . . they all started with different characters being in a negative situation, and it ended with them overcoming that situation. This is also what almost every movie is about, and that’s what makes movies so fun to watch. We all dream of lives like on the big screen.

So immediately I started to realize what I had to do. I had to visualize the difficulties I had been through at first, and then see myself overcoming those difficulties. That’s the only way I would stay hungry to achieve my objectives. The fact that goals are difficult to achieve, adds more power to our desires (of course you have to keep a positive attitude towards it).

But just think about it—keeping health out of the equation—would you want to have abs if everyone in the world had abs? You wouldn’t, or at least you wouldn’t really be determined to work towards it. It’s the fact that not many people have abs, that makes you want them so much. Same for owning a Rolex or Ferrari. If everyone in the world had a Ferrari, you would probably rather own a Honda. I can illustrate that example with classic cars today. They are so old, but still people pay crazy amounts of money to own one. Why? Because they are special. Because the classic car makes them look different.

Bottom line: be grateful if your goals look hard, or if others say that you can’t achieve them. If they would say it's an easy goal, you probably wouldn’t want to achieve it anymore. If you failed at something before, you will be more hungry to succeed next time. Use contrast to add power to your desires, not to discourage you. If you learn how to turn negative situations into positive ones, you sometimes might feel discouraged, but life will never be boring!

Watch the video below for more information

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