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Best Weight Loss Advice

Throughout my fitness journey so far, there have been times when I have tried to lose weight, and I wasn't successful. As a certified personal trainer I have read a lot about the subject, but still I think my greatest knowledge came from experience. Many things that you can do, help with weight loss, but today I'm only going to be writing about the one which I think helped me the most. That is: not eating three to four hours before sleep.

The most important reason why this is effective is that it will make you more disciplined. You will notice increased willpower not only in the area of health and fitness, but in every part of your life. This willpower is also going to help you be more organized, which means more time to exercise and do things that you enjoy doing.

You also might have heard that sitting upright helps with digestion, contrary to lying down. Trying to sleep right after you have eaten a huge meal might be difficult, and sleeping problems bring another issue. Having a good night’s rest is crucial, if your goal is to lose weight.

To summarize it, it all comes down to creating good habits. It might need some time and willpower at first, but trust me: it gets easier and easier with time. Changing a habit might be hard, so the whole point is creating good ones. You will be rewarded in the end. From my experience, eating your last meal three to four hours before sleep, tremendously helps with reaching your fitness goals. It surely requires some planning to do, but like they say, “if it was easy, everyone would do it.”

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